Friday, May 8, 2015

Pitch Day Anticipation

    Next week is Pitch Day, and there are some things that need to be completed before this:

  • Create a slideshow of our videos in the pool
  • Work on the final project
  • Bring a suit, cap, goggles, and water polo ball for part of the presentation
     In my case I will be talking about some personal experiences through this project. While I did not have to research that much, I did have to partner up with different people to get this project going. This expanded how I act in professional settings, and improved upon it. I think that Pitch Day will be a fun experience, and will be a great oppurtunity to get my voice out to members of the community. This will also allow for feedback on what we are going to do, and could possibly help with any areas that we could be unsure of.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

All About Pitch Day

     In two weeks we will be having pitch day which is where we present our ideas to the community. Nick and I will put a video slideshow together of the things that we do at the pool, and we will talk about our idea while the slideshow is playing. For our two minute overview we will be including the following information:
   " Hi! My name is Emma, and the project that I have been working on displays my passion for water. Nick and I have always been involved in aquatics programs, thus deciding to incorporate this into our project. With the aquatics director's approval, we have started to create an online book PDF that gives a tour of the school's facility, talks about safety tips, and rules. This is to allow new members of the community the chance to see the facility, and what is offered here. Through the in school and out of school session, we have taken videos and pictures of the the facility, so that other community members can get a feel for the atmosphere. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!"

     Nick and I also created an "iMovie" presentation to invite our parents to come to pitch day. This just shows some inside jokes with our families, and our personality. In the end we show some of our adventures in pools. Enjoy!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Contacting a Professional

    This week, Nick and I contacted our Aquatics Director to inform her of our goals. We have decided on giving a video tour of the pool, followed by safety tips, and finally rules. If we could we would like to have it on the aquatics website, so that new members of the community could understand the program. This would be created as a book PDF so that it is of easy access to everyone.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Findings Through Research

     I was doing some research, and found the answers to a couple of the questions from last week. I found out that I could film the videos during the recreational swim that our district offers. After thinking about it longer, I decided on asking one of my friends in joing the water book. This is because of her knowledge of the pool facility, and how to stay safe in the water. The swim lessons that I would be helping with could possibly be done during our Genius Hour work time, and we decided to contact the aquatics director, and the life skills teacher. If the book were to be distributed to other schools, the most likely candidate would have to be one of our neiboring schools that would have a few alterations about the rules. The program that we have decided on using is Book Creator. This allows us to add videos and to turn it into a PDF, so it can be accessed anywhere.
     I think my original passion of the water is growing because now I am getting involved even more with the programs, and am helping out a friend with lessons, which I enjoy because it let's me be in the pool. A lesson I have learned through my research so far is that it is important to ask other for help with what you are doing, and they can give you further insight. This has helped me grow as a learner, because it opened up the doors of the real world. Everything you do in life has steps, and a process which can't be accomplished all at once. You need to know the basics, and what you will need to succeed.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Changing Society Through Water

     A goal I have for using my passion of water, to change the community, is to create a water safety book for members of the community, that wish to join the school pool. I will be doing this with another classmate, and will talk to the Aquatics Director about adding it to the school website.

     I can use my passion to help others by joining yet another classmate with her idea of giving swim lessons to the Life Skills class. In these lessons I would be helping her split the groups and teach, as well as potentially lifeguard. My end goal for this project is to have an online book with videos on the aquatics portion of the school website, and to have helped a classmate with her project as well.

Inquiry Questions for Further Research

1. How would the videos be taken for the interactive book, and when?

2. Who else could be involved in the book, and what skill sets would they need?

3. When could the swim lessons be held, and who would need to be contacted?

4. Could the book be given to other schools to use, and what would need to be altered?

5. How would the online book be created, and what could be used to create it?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Passionate about the Water

          My first experience with the water was swimming as a baby. When I was a few months old my parents took me to the JCC so I could familiarize myself with the water. As I got older I continued on  with the programs offered, and took swim lessons until age eight. My school district had just built a pool, and they had opportunities for everyone. So my fourth grade year I decided to join the swim team, which I have now been doing for about five and a half years.
          Now, I have been becoming involved even more with the water by becoming certified for lifeguarding, and starting water polo. At the end of last year, I decided that I would like to be a lifeguard, and work at my local pools. The certification process was strenuous, but I have now been hired at the high school's pool. The even newer involvement with the water is starting water polo. Our school doesn't really have great participation with the spring club team, and the fall high school team. So it's great to be part of a team, and help bring it more attention. Overall, it  has been a really great experience so far, and I continue to get better with practice.
          Lastly, the final passion that I have with the water, is the love of sea life. Since I was a young child, I have been fascinated with manatees, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and sharks. Once, on a trip to Key Largo and Key West, I rode on a glass bottom boat, and I got to see lots of aquatic life. This, accompanied by many trips to the aquarium, is what helped fuel my passion towards these creatures. I especially have an interest in the conservation of the sea life.